Our portal aims to be a place of reference and support for the teacher's activity in primary education for the autonomous community of Andalusia. This emerges as an initiative to bring together in one place the answers to all those needs that arise in their professional work.

Here you will find useful information and resources that will facilitate your work and also have a meeting place where you can share your ideas and issues related to education.

To navigate through the portal we have a superior menu from which you can access the different sections:

Home - Link to the main page of welcome to the portal, (this one).

News - Section dedicated to collecting the news related to education that occur in Andalusia and its different provinces. In addition, national and European news such as legislation, studies, contests, calls, etc., related to Early Childhood and Primary Education are included. The news is updated daily and includes access to the source or the media that publishes them. To be aware of them you can also join the Telegram channel - Educandalus Noticias - where we publish links to them.

Blog - Here you will find tickets of all kinds with tips, information, resources, videos, etc., related to the different areas of the curriculum and with the teaching activity in Pre-school and Primary Education.

Legislation - A list of current legislation on education in Andalusia, ordered according to different criteria.

Areas - In this section we offer resources for the different areas that make up Primary Education.

Teaching guide - The objective of this section is to group in a single place a series of elements that facilitate and help improve teaching practice: guides, general resources, advice, posters and resources for the classroom, 2.0, 3.0, etc. among others.

My center - Here we congregate different elements that make up the center: plans, programs, projects, AMPA, management team, teaching team, coordinators, functions, etc.

Training - Section dedicated to providing information and resources related to the Teachers' Centers in Andalusia as well as to the oppositions to the body of teachers.

Forum - A great forum where you can participate by commenting and / or sharing files with the rest of the participants. We have different sections and hundreds of forums. Remember that you must be registered to participate in them.

Chat - A real-time chat with which you can chat with other users connected anonymously as a guest or with your Educandalus user.

Access / Profile - User menu where you can log in, log out or register in our portal. You can also access your profile, complete it, and customize it with a photo. From here you can also access the list of portal participants and find teachers who teach your same subjects.

Search field - Use the search field to locate any item within all sections of our website.

We hope to be of great help.



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Hi Juanmi. I'm already here. I wish you much success in this cool and promising project.