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Hello, my name is Juan Miguel Hidalgo, and I am the person behind this web portal.

I am also a Primary School teacher in Andalusia and although I am appointed by the specialty of bilingual music in English, each school year also teaches other areas such as mathematics, Spanish language, natural sciences, social sciences, or plastic.

The author

Why this website?

Throughout my teaching years and after working in several educational centers, I have encountered the problem that exists regarding the methodological, bureaucratic difference, and resources that exist in each school. Well, despite having a state and regional legislation common to all in Andalusia, the freedom of the centers to specify their own functioning means that in practice, our teaching work depends largely on the center in which we practice.

One of the questions that every teacher has heard in some faculty is the proposal to prepare a bank of resources and / or documents of the center among all. That is, a folder on the computer in the staff room or a bookshelf in the library to include organization and operation templates (tutorials, observation of incidents, etc.), texts, images, videos, links to websites, infographics, clippings , etc., to those who can lend a hand when preparing activities, scheduling, and / or filling bureaucratic reports. Everything starts well, but after several weeks we realize that each one contributes the texts 'in their own way', the images with low resolution or with watermarks, the videos with parts that we do not need ... Or simply what It is provided in a disorganized manner without respecting the folders, the titles of each document, or the classification of each resource. All this but the proposal has already been abandoned before by all or almost all. Total, a chaos, and if you change the center, new proposal, new chaos and start over.

So I decided to embark on the adventure, put into practice my computer skills and through trial and error, combine on a web page little by little all the teaching resources that I created and collected. As the saying goes: If the mountain does not go to Muhammad, Muhammad will go to the mountain.

What is Educandalus?

Educandalus emerges as a modest personal project with a view to growing and reaching the largest number of teachers. The main objective is to offer resources for the classroom of quality, fruit of the analysis and the experience, ordered, classified and ready to use.

In addition, Educandalus is also a meeting place where you can share opinions, issues, and ideas among teachers. For this we have forums, text fields to comment, and chat.


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